Sleep Medicine

In partnership with Main Line Health and Paoli Hospital we have been providing high quality care to patients with sleep disorders for over 10 years.

The field of Sleep Medicine has been rapidly evolving. Sleep disorders are very common in our patient population. Left untreated they can lead to significant health risks and worsen quality of life. Remember to ask your patients not only about classical symptoms of sleep apnea such as snoring or witnessed apneas, but also about daytime fatigue, sleeping habits and other nocturnal symptoms


All initial consultations involve a thorough sleep and medical history which are used to determine the nature of the sleep problem and appropriate diagnostic testing.


We offer comprehensive diagnostic testing including:
  • In-laboratory polysomnography
  • Enhanced monitoring for sleep behaviors (In-lab)
  • Multiple sleep latency tests
  • PAP-NAP tests
  • Home sleep apnea tests

Disease Management

Many sleep problems are chronic and benefit from ongoing specialty care, integrated into the overall medical plan for patients. During the course of treatment, our team will review diagnostic studies, evaluate disease risk, identify appropriate therapeutic options (including newer treatment modalities), monitor medication or device compliance and adaptation. Our strict follow up policy and expertise ensues that a high percentage of patients will be adherent to treatment and benefit from the therapy.